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Boss Fights walkthrough #1- Defeating Lynx in Act 1

So this is my first post in the Boss fights series for Shadow Fight. And obviously the first boss fight that needs to be addressed is Lynx in Act I.

Lynx, the first demon boss in SF2 has 5 bodyguards that needs to be defeated before taking him.And apparently the whole organization is called "The Order"(How original!! XD).

Defeating lynx can be a bit of tricky situation for all the new players since he has in addition to his melee weapon claws, he also uses ranged weapons such as Shurikens, Kunais and also the trade mark invisibility perk. So it becomes rather frustrating when Lynx is not defeated in 3,4 or even 5 tries. Believe me, I've been there. :)

The below guide and accompanying video should be able to help anyone and everyone who are in a pinch as I was.

The Guide- Background Info

Different from normal bodyguard fights which requires 2 wins per fight, Lynx fight requires 3 wins(max of 6 rounds). Lynx wields a pair of long claws. The claws also has an additional enchantment where a bomb with timer is activated that damages and throws you onto the ground when it explodes.He also uses ranged weapons such as kunai and shuriken. Another special perk/enchantment of Lynx is that he turns invisible in the middle of fight by throwing a smoke bomb onto the floor. Once you defeat him in two rounds, all his weapons have poison as an enchantment.

Normally preferred weapons to counter Lynx is upgraded daggers. Although other weapons may also be used, daggers for me, proved to be effective. I really had trouble using Blood Reaper whenever he went invisible. So Blood Reaper is a definite no-no for this fight.

First Round-The Fight

Being an overly-confident character, Lynx is comparatively easy going and easy to defeat in the first round. He does not use any of his ranged weapons nor invisibility ability. He rather uses a good amount of claw slashes/attacks.So the first round, can generally be used to assess the movement reach of claws and his melee attack patterns. Its generally advised to block the slashes, since, moves like sweep will not dodge the attack and will do critical damage and head hits often.
Spinning slashes of the dagger is the most effective attack move which can give the player a head hit and since Lynx is 'Laid back' in the first round, defeating him relatively easy.

The Second Round- The Real Lynx

So now Lynx shows up his real moves. Its tougher now to get hits land on him. He every now and then will throw ranged weapons at you. To counter that, roll on the floor as soon as he seems to grab shuriken from his waist. More difficult move is the invisibility perk of his. Lynx throws a smoke bomb on to the ground and he disappears. Then all you can see is the claw slashes hitting on you from virtually every sides. The way to counter this is by being aggressive. Instead of trying to keep distance from him by guessing his position and moving away(common mistake that everyone initially does), player should be more aggressive by putting a flurry of kicks and punches around and force him to turn visible by landing these kicks and punches.

The Third Round- Repeat!!

Third round is going to be same level as the second round. So keep dodging those throws and put some aggressive fighting and we are good to go.

I have searched in youtube and below is a video of defeating Lynx. Take a special note of the combos of attacks the player is using.

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